St. Edward Golf in Review

Golf team

John Hayes ‘17

Looking at the accolades and awards earned by the St. Edward golf team, one might assume that it may comprise of about 50 members. However, this is not the case. The team has only 15 members, split between JV and Varsity.

The Eagle golfers are led by head coach Bill Menz. Despite low numbers, their achievements are extraordinary. The team has played all over the State this year including Sweetbriar and Redtail. Regardless of the venue of play, the Eagles play with heart and extreme focus. This is evident in their outstanding statistics this year, as they are stacking up with other spectacular teams in the area. They have met these teams at several different tournaments throughout the season, the first on August 1st. These were very tough tournaments, and the course distance ranged up to 6,800 yards. They played exceptionally well in the Ignatius Invitational Tournament. Their Team 1 shot a 303 and Team 2 was not far behind with a 306. Both the JV and Varsity showed strong scores.  The Eagles came in second behind Ignatius in the St. Ed’s invitational, shooting a 322.

The ultimate triumph of the season was undoubtedly their sub 300 score at Legacy Course. This score fits right in with some of the top scores of all time for the Eagles, including the famous 294 score at Forest Hills in 2003. The State Tournament is on Oct. 17 and Oct. 18. The Eagles have a lot of confidence going into States. As one golfer told me, “Just swing your swing, and stay positive, a lot of golf is played in your head.” The team also realizes that overconfidence can be detrimental.

I was told by one team member, “Never give up in competitive golf, things can change quickly on the course.” Aside from being top notch golfers and excelling at the sport, the team has also had some fun and gotten to know one another a lot better. When I spoke to Jason Kopco ’17 he said to me, “I think we all had a good experience. I got to know my teammates a lot better.” This season came with a lot of fun, and even more excitement.

When speaking with the golfers, it was clear they all enjoyed themselves during the golf season. One golfer said to me, “Yeah I had fun. We are all having fun, and it is clear that people in the program are striving to make it better”. The team is always looking for new members, and students are encouraged to try out. If you do plan on trying out for the squad, remember one thing Jason Kopco ’17 told me. “Believe in yourself, and believe you can make every shot. If you try your best, you can never lose.”


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