Frank Geib to Win May Madness at SEHS

Hello readers,

My name is Frank Geib and I am reporting to you about the upcoming May Madness basketball tournament. I just want to say that my team will be winning the tournament most likely in blowout fashion. Come May 17th, All teams participating will discover the wrath of Frank Geib. Any lingering questions about my game, my knees, my heart, will be answered in this tournament. I will undoubtedly prove that I am the best player in this entire school. Not Kipper Nichols, not Derrick Funderburk, not Marcellus Hamilton. Frank Geib. Say it out loud, spell it, cause you might as well get used to it. This is not a challenge to sign up and compete cause that is pretty much a waste of your time. However, those brave souls who would like to get in my way… I say look out, Frank the Tank is coming through. I may have on two knee braces, I may have a sprained wrist, I may have lingering Kidney issues, and I may have some mental issues as well, but I won’t be stopped when I take the ball to the rack. So if you are willing to fight, and to battle, then sign up in the main hallway after school. The tournament is $50 per team of five players, so really just $10 a player. There is limited space which is actually good for most students, as their lives will be spared. Get a team together, and get ready for war on May 17th.

– Frank “The G.O.A.T” Geib

One response to “Frank Geib to Win May Madness at SEHS

  1. Hahahaha ok this was one of the shortest yet funniest articles I’ve read on here in a while… glad to see stedsman back in proper form!!

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