Beachland Ballroom

looking beachy

Jon Poilpre ’15

Since the year 2000, the Beachland Ballroom has opened its doors to more than 20,000 different bands, drawing crowds from pudgy-babied-families to new-wave hippies to old jean-jacket clad crustaceans. This weekend the East side tavern and concert hall celebrates its 14th birthday with a series of shows and festivities lasting all weekend. On Friday, The Sonics, a garage-rock band from the 60’s, will headline with the Cynics opening. The funk legend Stanley Clarke will be on the ticket Saturday, and on Sunday the Mirrors will be playing a free tribute concert to Lou Reed. The Ballroom was the founding cornerstone of the reinvigorated Collinwood neighborhood, right off of I-90 on the East side. A thriving arts community developed around the tavern, with eateries, record shops, and vintage clothing stores popping up since its opening. Tickets are available here on the Beachland website.

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