The Sound of Success: SEHS Musicians Receive High Ratings at OMEA


Hassan Sayed ’15

On Saturday, February 1st, countless high school musicians from around Northeast Ohio participated in the Ohio Music Educators’ Association (OMEA) annual Solo and Ensemble Competition. Whether they are aspiring to a career in music or seeking further musical enrichment, high school students involved in the competition have the opportunity to perform for judges, receive a rating for this performance, and garner comments and critique from these judges. Students can either perform individually or in a small ensemble group, such as a string quartet or brass quintet. Performance pieces are selected from an established OMEA list of music featuring a mix of both classical and contemporary music.

This year, St. Edward High School sent twelve students and one ensemble to the competition; listed below are their names, instruments, and ratings. The rating of a “I” represents a “superior,” a nearly flawless performance demonstrating clear musical ability. “II,” or “excellent,” represents an exceptional performance.  “III” is “good,” “IV” is poor, and we don’t talk about getting a “V.”

If you see these musicians in the hallways, be sure to congratulate them on their hard work and practice!

Andy Henthorn ‘15, Tenor: II

Ryan Homcy ‘15, Euphonium: III

Christian Howard ‘16, Tenor: I

Michael Kay ‘15, Trumpet: I

Tommy Kubrak ‘14, Baritone: III

Connor Ling ‘16, Saxophone: II

Kyle Moran ‘15, Clarinet: II

Kyle Niksa ‘15, Trumpet: II

Brian Patton ‘14, Bassoon: I

Andy Richmond ‘15, Tuba: II

Hassan Sayed ‘15, Piano: I

St. Edward Percussion Ensemble (Composed of Marius Cresci ‘16, Jack Gaughan ‘16, Hassan Sayed ‘15, Stephen Schrimpf ‘16): II

Joseph Unger ‘15, Cello: III

One response to “The Sound of Success: SEHS Musicians Receive High Ratings at OMEA

  1. wow you guys are actually alive, i thought this website had gone dead lol. nice to hear hassan from though, he’s a real good writer with the christmas thing, my favorite is mark urban though, he should write more.

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