Mock Trial Succeeds at Districts

100_0963Nick Taylor ’16

On Friday, January 31, The St. Ed’s Green and Gold Mock Trial teams competed in the District Competition at the Justice Center in Downtown Cleveland.  The OCLRE Mock Trial Competition starts at the District level and Cuyahoga County is one of 28 Districts competing.  There were 14 High Schools competing for the Cuyahoga County District.  The Gold team secured the first District Competition victory since 2011.  Of the possible 8 awards distributed during the four trials St Ed’s earned 6 of the 8 awards.  If you see Colin Pender or Gregory Margevicius, be sure to congratulate them for their Best Attorney awards and make sure to congratulate Brian Mingus, Chris Sekerak, Addler Smith, and William Beatriz for their Best Witness awards. Both the Green and Gold Teams would like to give a shout out to our great coaches, Mrs. Fairfield and Ms. Hermann, for their tremendous support and their unrelenting determination.  We would also like to extend to all our Legal Eagle advisers, who took time out of their busy schedules to work with us for the past 4 months, our eternal gratitude. They imparted their wisdom, knowledge and experience on us which facilitated our victory. The Gold Team will be advancing to the Regional Competition held on February 21 in an attempt to secure their spot at the State competition in March.

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