#1 A Christmas Story

a christmas story posterJoseph Unger ‘15

What better way to spend a couple hours of your Christmas than to catch the all day TV marathon on TBS of our number one Christmas movie, A Christmas Story.  

Our favorite holiday flick follows main character Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley), as his older self, narrates his memory of the Christmas he wanted a Red Rider B-B gun after seeing it in a display case.  However, the viewer easily forgets the main premise of the movie as he is brought into the Parker family and their Christmas time  adventures including getting a tree and Ralphie’s adventures at school in the days leading up to Christmas.

This fell as our number one holiday movie for the classic nostalgia that it gives the viewer’s turning back time to the suburban 1940s.  In fact, this movie received little attention upon its initial release in 1983.  However, A Christmas Story is now a household film as it is on every Christmas Day on TBS continuously.  For Clevelanders, this flick holds a special place in our hearts due to its filming in downtown during the holiday parade as well as its clips of Public Square, the Terminal Tower, and the late Higbee Department Store despite it actually being set in Pennsylvania.  Additionally, if you watch closely, you will see the Parma High Marching Band and the late Ohio Boy Choir in the parade scene.  A Christmas Story obviously also has a high rewatchability (I just watched it before writing this for the second time today) and continues to amuse viewers with iconic lines and scenes that continue to be referenced in Christmas pop culture 20 years after its making.

Even though Christmas is almost through keep coming to stedsman.com for more student written articles from the creative minds of the students of SEHS.

Merry Christmas! (Just stay away from A Christmas Story 2 airing on CMTV throughout the week)

One response to “#1 A Christmas Story

  1. good job guys, i couldn’t agree with this one more, i mean tbh its probably cause of nostalgia but still, nice movie, nice review, and good job on the 25 days of christmas, you guys should do stuff like this for black history month, presidents day (that month), and stuff like that. but besides that, merry christmas!

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