#13 Elf


Joseph Milcinovic ’15

What’s not to love about Elf, starring Will Farrell and Zooey Deschanel and made in 2003. It brought a new comedic edge to a heartwarming Christmas story. It’s not like the classics, but is a great and funny story nonetheless.

The story begins with Buddy as a little baby, who finds his way into Santa’s gift bag and finds his way to the North Pole. Buddy sees all the elves and Santa Claus and is forced to stay in the North Pole so that he doesn’t reveal their secret. He grows up in the North Pole until one day he decides he wants to find his real father. Given permission by Santa, Buddy goes to New York City to find his scrooge of a father. Buddy goes through the city, and has no idea where he is and acts very strange, in contrast to the average New Yorkers who yell at taxis. He eats surp on end and doom drops too! He eventually gets a girlfriend (Zooey Deschanel) and there are many funny moments on that topic.

This move brings in the importance of relationships. Buddy gains relationships with his girlfriend and his father that ultimately improves his life and his relationships. This movie is one of those movies that you watch with you family and laugh and laugh. Elf is definitely a great movie to watch. The reason it is #13 is the comedic value of the film. It’s a newer version of a Christmas story and it goes well with the Christmas vibe of December.

By the way: To all the Edsmen, Happy Holidays coming up and Good luck on Exams!

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