Week One and Two of Fantasy Football

Owen Knapp 15’
The start of the NFL season also meant the start of the fantasy football season. The NFL season started with a record breaking performance from Peyton Manning who became the sixth player to throw seven touchdowns in a single game and the first since 1969. He also threw for 462 yards making him the hottest fantasy player of week one, and making those who drafted him very satisfied. With two weeks of fantasy football wrapped up let’s take a look at who flew under the radar and who forgot to show up.  With Peyton Manning’s performance an unexpected hero erupted with the name Julius Thomas not to be mistaken for Demaryius Thomas the Bronco’s first option receiver. Julius Thomas the Fourth option had five receptions for 110 yards and two touchdowns in week one making him the surprise player of the week. Prior to week one he was owned in only 19.5% of ESPN leagues. He is now owned in 72.6%. Thomas is defiantly a player you want to consider picking up off waivers before someone else in your league does. With Manning playing incredibly well look for Julius Thomas to become one of his favorite targets. Other unexpected stories came out of Oakland and Houston where Terrel Pryor and Matt Schaub respectively, put on a performance that few predicted. Oakland’s Terrel Pryor threw for 217 yards and a touchdown week one against Indianapolis. Landing Pryor a spot on Yahoo Sports Transactions trends list with many people picking him up. Matt Schaub Threw for 346 yards and three touchdowns in San Diego in week one. Schaub only owned in 44.6% of Espn Leagues is a player who you should add to your team for a solid Bye week Qb. With deep threat Andre Johnson on the roster look for Schaub to continue success in coming weeks.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Week one’s major busts include Roddy White with only two receptions for 19 yards, though playing with a high ankle sprain much more was expected of white who is a key figure in Atlanta’s high power offense.  White also had a troubled week two only getting 21 yards. White will find the bench on many teams who will hope for surprise production out of a small name player.  Another bust of week one Fantasy Football is James Jones a popular fantasy Wide receiver and member of Arron Rodgers offense had no receptions in the Packers lost to the 49ers, however, Jones had 178 receiving yards in week two.  Week two of fantasy football didn’t not quiet live up to the hype of week one. Led by Big injuries to Eddie Lacy and Vick Ballard. The positive of week two is the fact that the players who replacement them played well. James Starks who took over for Eddie Lacy, who suffered a concussion had 132yds and a touchdown and is someone to look to add to your team as he is for the meantime in the starting spot in Green Bay. Another big performance came from Phillip Rivers who threw for 419 yard and 3 tds, another big week from a qb that had small expectations in the preseason.
Roddy White

Roddy White

The big player to look for in week three is Calvin Johnson who is going up against the struggling corners of Washington. If he’s on your team expect to be in a good position and if you playing against him hope for a big game out of an unexpected place.  In local news browns Tight End Jordan Cameron had nine receptions for 108 yards and a td in week  one even though only being owned in 32.5% of ESPN leagues. In week two Cameron had 95 receiving yards and is on of the top added players in ESPN leagues. Miami’s Mike Wallace had one reception for 15 yards, Wallace a popular fantasy player did not live up to week one expectations, though it may have come as a consequence of being covered by the Browns Lead corner Joe Haden.  Wallace however came back with a monster week two with 115 yards and a touchdown.

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