Dragon Warrior the Original Skyrim

dragon warriorJoseph Milcinovic ’15

Dragon Warrior is a game from 1986, and over 25 years this game has been enjoyed by everyone. Games like Skyrim, Final Fantasy and all RPGs are games that everyone plays but few know that these games can trace their roots back to the basics of Dragon Warrior, a relatively unknown game today. Dragon Warrior is a NES game from the 80’s and was one of the first Role Playing Games. It inspired other RPGs such as Final Fantasy, which came out a year after Dragon Warrior. Dragon Warrior is a game about a hero’s quest to save the princess and defeat the evil Dragon lord, a premise that may sound more familiar nowadays. To achieve his task, the hero fights lower level enemies such as slimes to level up and get new abilities to use in his conquest. It gets really fun when the hero is fully upgraded and has cool abilities such as “home” to teleport to a castle to be healed, which is a big help in completing the game. This game is very simple in its design but it is so fun to play that the gamer isn’t aware of the age of the game but just has a great time. For people that have some extra time and loves Skyrim, final fantasy or any other RPG games, this game is strongly recommended. It can be found nearly anywhere. Do yourself a favor and try it out!

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